Titan Company Ltd (TITN)

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what the last price we can sell?
should I buy this stock right now????
wait for 800-820
sell cmp
plz tell abt titan
accumulate it
can buy here tanishq are doing well
Titan looks good range 1188 to 1165 can test 1280 support at 1139. short term
Short this .. this is ***
good chance to enter Titanresult is too good but speculater is give panic to people.. only 35 CR. profit decline then previous quarter. means rally will start to new life time huge. so buy Titan is good opportunity
wait till q2 result by tomorrow
wait till q2 result by tomorrow
titan buy call target1500
titan will move after 2 30 PM
risk less
titan always best stocks for trading
titan strong buy target 1295
any idea what is the next target in titan???
1429 in next 7 to 8 days
A very good stock and favorite of Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, a key stock of his success. so always in his portfolio.
Expect to cross 1100 by week end
it crossed but came down today . what next will it jump above 1100 again in September or not
Titan will fall to 940 with in a day or 2
zinc and silver sell . for free commocity calls 988 four five 7 o three five 3
Stock will not able to break its support level 1080 on closing basis..Stock will fall further if it was not able to hold 1080 level..In my opinion it will bounce back to 1140 level..
it come 1000
TItan may correct next week... Valuations are so stretched...
Very good stock
Great short indeed