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so what is the saying? should we wait and not sell?
I think we get to 2.17 by Wednesday.
thanks, hope so
The big short from 3.40 has broken trend.... they may start (or have) letting go of those shorts
I would like to see 2.17 before a pull back.
wow! nice. what's caused the jump in volume and price?
There is 1.90. I expect this to pause a little and then break out.
Push it to the limit. ,,,Walk along the razors edge , but don't look down just keep your head ,or you'll be finished,,, 💰💰💰
Trop what do you think 1.87 then it fails.
1.90 is top of 4hr cloud. We're in it. This will break and breakout soon. https://invst.ly/12hv0q
 I see the same thing where its try to punch thru the ceiling. however, its been in a bit of a trading range lately
waiting for 1.76 failure
Have fail you must.  I really don't think this fails.
 ya its starting to look that way. i will place a market order for 5k shares before close,..that way i have some backup in case we drop.
PUBLIC LAW 117–215—DEC. 2, 2022 MJ research bill finding due by Dec 2nd 23
Waiting for another sizable fill at 1.70
got some back at 1,77 today
Yes they might push the price down further but does not accomnplish anything for the shorters since almost no real sellers especially if u have shorted over 120,000,000 + shares , no way they can cover such a massive short position ,,,,,
There is a big float
% 17 of all float is what matters not the total float number , at so much pressured price no shorter has been successful that has shorted % 17 of all float unless the company goes down , Tilray is not going down but expanding with increasing revenue and any cash spent is to acquire assets ,,,,, Same with the paid in capital increase , assets are bought that profit !!!!!!! Don't listen to the little guys here that don't see the whole picture , i am a buyer , still trying to load up , will see who is right in 1 year !!!!!
What matters is the % 17+ short of the total float not the number of total float , no shorter has been successful with a gigantic %17 short on a depressed price if the company is not going down in history..Tilray is expanding while expanding revenue also , any cash or added float is return for new profitable assets added !!!!!! They are not burning cash in other words.
With almost non existant volume the shorting algos are shaping the data for technical analysis , and either ignorant or delibirate people here talking about shorter dictated technical analysis ,,,,, letrs get real guys , does not require much brains to figure out if you have been following Tilray for the last 3 years ,,,, Tilray is manupilated down by the shorters but the end is approaching with 120 million+ or %17+ of all float shorted with no real sellers !!!!!!!
I'm going to argue 1.76 is the most important number of the week/s .  This is the 4hr view. Still anticipating a big move coming.  Which way is always the question, but we are reaching a technical dead end for this sideways movement.  https://invst.ly/12h9dz
we poked thru the cloud a couple times then falls back down.  I am watching closely to see what happens
Must be joking to say GAP CLOSING,,,,,,, outright shorting and pressuring down ,,,,, some still believe in technilcals where volume is almost non existant just algos of shorters active ,,,, BAN SHORTING and u will see what will happen ,,,, stop trying to deceive people with no knowlage
gap closure has happened . now bouncing off the 1hr SAR. Let s see if we dig deeper.
gab closing
might touch 1.72 again
1.75 maybe coming
i see further decline during the next 20 minutes.
let's see if 180 hits and bounces or fails.
I wouldn't be surprised if it fills 1.77 gap
True, but I'm still holding.. techs are still building so we could bump anytime.
 I do agree but 1.87 looked like a top that could fail as it did...
sold 1.87.   look for another place to re-enter
Shit is going to hit the fan
got it👍