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100 mln shares shorted, Reddit crowd planning to push, earnings, i am dreaming of a mega short squeeze next week..
when does SAFER hit the senate ?
Tough to gauge ATM, HW, but 10/4 is assured.
Will shorters cover before earnings?
Next week earnings, what to expect?
2.29 is the pivot... either we crash or soar.  Odds are favoring crash.
$2.30...;)....Wish I had a bigger boat.
I bought 2.38 again
u didn't follow Trop
Remains the same.  Don't lose 2.29.  Would like to see a jump but today should be red.
buy and hold
WASHINGTON — The Senate Banking Committee took a historic step Wednesday by advancing marijuana-related legislation to the floor for the first time.The legislation, known as the Secure and Fair Enforcement Regulation Banking Act, would allow legal marijuana businesses to use major financial and banking institutions.
Do we know the date for senate vote?
The committee reported out the bill by a 14-9 vote with the support of Republican Sens. Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming, Steve Daines of Montana and Kevin Cramer of North Dakota. Only one Democrat, Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia, voted against approving the bill for floor consideration.
Earnings next week, last chance for shorters
Shorts going hard to stop a run.
hey trop, been seeing multiple people talking about the golden cross on reddit and stocktwits. I guess the 50 and 200 moving averages crossed on the daily chart. what are your thoughts on this?
looks like the last time this happened was when it shot up to $67
I wasn't even watching this.  from my experience golden cross is 75% a bullish sign.  I've seen golden crosses on daily come and then the stock got absolutely destroyed. This lines up with a lot of tech, long trend line, and legislation coming saying we should break out into a long term bull.  https://invst.ly/11j54v
trop what’ going on?
Mixed techs.  Daily below 21ema and got rejected but yet still above daily cloud.  4hr rejected off 21 EMA but shows signs of bottoming on MACD.  Hourly was bullish, but just turned bearish.  I guess overall I expect down, but if you believe in Elliot wave we should be taking a jump soon above $3 towards $3.75.
that would be awesome
2.65 should be a tough resistance to break.  daily 21 EMA
Come on start daily wave to 3.50
On daily, 2.29 is bottom of daily cloud which keeps this in bullish trend.  We lose that, snorkels.  https://invst.ly/11i47g
Reminder how important 2.35 is right now.  https://invst.ly/11i46i
Biden U.S.A. need $$ TAXES 80,000 irs agents to raise $$$$ biden will run with legalization and most pot heads sitting homes will go and vote
That and the other guys wants to ban all media not friendly to him, make himself president for life, jail political opponents.. just because, let the national debt default, and pull us out of NATO..... I have no idea how anyone could vote for the other guy.... truly mind boggling how much damage to this country he is proposing
I agree with you 100% tropical but remember we had Hitler so you figure it out
yep she dead with the way this market is acting
2.29 was a technical major support.  2.35 was big structural support.  2.50+ should come today.  Not saying it holds, but its coming. https://invst.ly/11ha3b
looks like it's having a hard time staying above 2.4
 They closed GAP at 2.47. I was figuring they would power past into like 2.52 and then pull back.  Its Friday.  Not usually a powerful day.
2.28... that should provide a nice bounce.  Could see upwards 2.50.  Said before my 2 targets were 2.47 and 2.29.  Well.... 2.29 should provide at least a short term bull
let 40% go at open, this time with loss. Oh well, that's life
good place to cut a loss before getting out of hand. losing the 2.50 handle was enough for me. Will revisit if it gets back over 2.70
Yeah, doesn't look good in a short term, that's for sure