Embracer Group AB (EMBRACb)

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    46.4100 - 49.3600
Earnings results expected in 15 days

Embracer Group will announce its quarterly financial results in 15 days. Traders should take this into account as the share price often fluctuates around this time period.

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  • 1 year change - 47,66.enough said also look at 52 week range...
    • Abit provocative, but the big 4s days as being dominant is over. Rome wasnt built in one day but it ******down quickly.  In 3 years embracer will be valued the same as these.  Wait and see with the new Metro multiplayer and saintsrow V which has a budget of atleast 30M$.  Question, which 7 countires if you would say are the top of the industri without order? Sweden, Usa, Japan, Poland, France, Finland, China. Sweden has atleast 10 Stock market noted companies.  Germany has 0, england 1 (Frontier) and Usa has 5. Sure Steam is not noted but are still gigants, and microsoft just bought bethsda.  But the my points remain clear.
      • Embracer->Paradox->Ea->Activisionblizzard->Bethsda->Take2interactive. They whopp there asses everyday.
        • overvalued
          • why do you think so?
          • Lol, that comment didn't age well