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Reason for the spike? Still pump and dump?
Relief Therapeutics: Nrx wants to patent its anti-COVID formulation of aviptadil
Still pump and dump. Is it now a good time to buy?
With the lawsuit it's pretty much the end for this thing, right?
Which lawsuit?
Just found this now. Yes sounds the end
good time to buy now. will definitely go up in the next few weeks
Based on?
2q 2022 gona bi big
Lots of potential but Still no revenue to report
This stock is puzzling. No updates, suddenly up 20.30% out of the blue. This week, it's secured more funding, completed acquisitions, Aviptadil gets approval in Georgia plus commercial formulation... and the stock is down about 6-7% .... SMH x-/
Ok this is bigNRx Pharmaceuticals Announces Emergency Use Authorization of ZYESAMI™ (aviptadil) in Nation of Georgia
Turns out it wasn’t that big…
That's a nice start of the week
This stock keeps doing this, falls gradually and then it's pumped o and volume another 20% only to fall again due to lack of news and meaningful updates.
What ?
Finally!! What happened now??
I can’t shake the feeling that Aviptadil will be on the market “too late. ” Demand will not be as great as initially thought. It is difficult to estimate how large the sales will be when the drug is approved at the beginning of June. Aviptadil must then be produced by Relief. Only India or Brazil could become a major sales market. Both poor countries, where 70% are unlikely to be able to afford the medication . . . difficult situation. . .
soon EUA , last chance
soon is depending on the one who requested the EUA , or he didn't requested it yet or he doesn't want to tell us the result .. call Neurorx
Clinical trial of therapeutics for severely ill hospitalized COVID-19 patients begins Patients with acute respiratory failure may now enroll in NIH-sponsored trial.
What is going on??
Problems with the partner Neurorx in the US. Seems like things are heading south in the relationship and they've made their disagreements rather public.
waiting for EUA .. will be soon
No news. So quite. So low. Sad panda :(
march 29th data release in am.
Well, what's going on here? January came and went, so did February and now we're in the middle of March.... Wasn't this supposed to be sky high already? 🙂
they are still working on PR which weaken the impact from bad news. to fool a little. Publish data on Friday afternoon to take away the short-term disappointment by Monday.
NeuroRx Announces that ZYESAMI™ (Aviptadil) has Successfully Demonstrated 10-Day Accelerated Recovery from Respiratory Failure in Critically Ill Patients with Covid-19 Treated with High Flow Nasal Oxygen at 28-Day Interim Endpoint
hammer candlestick on hourly 🤣
The medecin has proved that it has very very good effect, my condolences to whoever sold this great shares.
Vlug nog een aantal stuks bijgekocht, nu alweer een mooie winst !!!
This is massiv. They failed somehow: NeuroRx reported a "significant benefit" of the drug to shorten the length of hospital stays of patients suffering from corona-related respiratory arrest. However, according to the communication, there were side effects in patients that resulted in two deaths.
with one death with the placebo... so, not really relevant.
 yep, it's going back up.
it is down because the CEO is leaving! the news is available in German
Nothing really is happening, it is just the CEO that is leaving the company. Too much overreaction, stock is oversold
 VR is short for Vorsitzender that is a German word for Chief executive officer. It is never to late to learn another language
 Nein,  Thomaz Burckhardt ist im Verwaltungsrat. Er ist nicht der CEO. Yves Sagot ist der CEO.