Tesla Inc (TSLA)

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    676.46 - 721.58
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    571.22 - 1,243.49

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  • Consumers want the racy Mustang Mach-E coupe and the powerful F-150 Lightning pickup truck
    • I wonder where do you think they are going to get all those batteries for the F-150? It uses double the battery capacity than a model 3! Cybertruck had 5 times more orders in 48 hours, than the F-150 in 1 week. Smh.
    • Sila Technologies. That is where the 12 million mike batteries will come from. TSLA battery guy left and went independent with far superior battery.
    • Another startup that's taken 10 years and still has no viable prototype yet, no production facilities, still needs to raise funds, hopes to IPO this year, and this is what Ford is resting its hopes on? Smh, this is 5-6 years away from being viable, and that's if they even get off the ground lmao.