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  • i rly hope itll go down next week.
    • Are you still shorting? Why dont you just buy some shares while they are low? Like apple or something... I would like to know your opinion, because I am still a beginner
    •  Not when you buy an equity when it is trading many years out in regards to value. The p/e ratio for tesla is ludicrous and if you are holding tesla shares thinking we are not near the top after a 400% ytd runup then I also have a bag of poo to sell you. This isn't a big secret, a very large portion of the market understands that without massive gov help the current levels seen across the market are unsustainable. Tesla both fortunately and unfortunately(depending on when you bought in) has seen a huge run up and if more downside does play out then it will suffer more of the deeper drops due to its parabolic rise.
    •  because 400/share is equivalent to 2000$/share price pre split. in normal times a split would not generate a substantial upswing, but in most cases results in a downswing due to the share dilution. Tesla was around 1300 when presplit was being rumoured/announced. If the market does have more downside, tesla will most likely fall down to at least these levels which Post split would equal a price around $250-300.