Tencent Holdings Ltd ADR (NNN1y)

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NNN1y Comments

More virus more virus
This is junk let's got more virus chinese are all slave of white open up and get more virus
RIP - chinese junk, regardless of outlook, figures, chinese companies can never succeed on stock market
why down so much today?
is this the bottom?
33/31 🤔
Finally in the 34~35 zone! Continue to wait for base!
Hold out a little longer for base out period
34~35 buy tgt
Bank Runs and protests all over China. Careful.
AO +7%?
Is this correct!?
dun understand why ppl invest in communism, out of thousands of options..
To the moon today.
why? because revenue growth slowed down?
What happened after hours? +21%???
this will go to ten cent
Nope within 3 months back to 70
it is close to $62 now... wishful 🤔💭
1,5 month
Otc does much better then listed !
more crackup yeye
what the meeting was about? more ransom needed?
cat bounce. retreat.....a good trade.
Otc buying/selling stops for retail clients in europe
Is Inverting.com buy/sell recommendations for day traders. LOL
Kids need focus their attentions on the Party's missions and policy, instead internet and Video games.
Next headline would be China banning children from watching videos more than 3 hours a week :) No junkfood, no biscuit.
The name alone of this company is scary......
FU China