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hoy va bien , a ver si recupera su valor
No tiene soporte, caída libre
Cierra en verde.. La OMS no quiere cierre de fronteras aéreas .. https://www.semana.com/mundo/articulo/oms-desaconseja-restringir-viajes-por-la-nueva-variante-de-covid-19-esto-dijo-el-organismo/202114/
This company has ask a Rescue for the low interest, they have adjust losses for be applied to rescue. They have lot of contracts. Medium term is bullish.
I bought it at 8$
Goo 🚀🚀🚀🚀
Why it down too much??
The company released last friday their results and there were rubbish. They are possibly going to ask the government for a rescue…
should I buy it on this price now?
tienen buena pinta
to the moon
Chicharro infecto.