Swatch Group AG (UHRz)

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  • Yamana Gold Inc US AUY NYSE safe investment and double price soon as China will buy all their Gold stocks in physical spot basis.!
    • The share lost roughly 30% since January 2014...a new competitor like APPLE appeared in the market...there is no clear strategy form the company, no vision, no management...sell and run!
      • you clearly dont know the company and its competitive advantage...
      • So what is their comp advantage? Value chain verticalization and dominant position in Swiss Made mechanical watches?
      • I guess only Longines, Omega, Breguet, Blancpain are still doing profits... Tissot is structurally impaired, same for Rado, Swatch, Hamilton, Certina, Jacquet D, ... so 2/3 of portfolio. But they need to produce for third parties, which means fix costs on their P&L. Inventories? More than 7bn tighted up at factory (!) prices. That is almost bigger than 12 mths revenues. Impairements ahead? If so huge impact on brand image, as markets will be flooded by Swiss Watches at discount prices. So back to Pippo: if u did some profit here... take your money and get the ******out of it