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Silvergate Capital Q4 2022 Earnings Call youtube
Best believe big bank gonna buy them
btc price not broken, shares are still on NYSE, liquidation value between 0.3~6.3$ = 3.3$ fair
they squeeze this at $1 after 100's of Millions in losses for longs smh. what a scam. good thing the SEC is jerking their meet instead of protecting investors
Coinbase down. They will buy SI
Buyout news!!
Which news? Do you have a link? Thanks.
Short squeeze
SI $1.17 -11.36% @ 11:42 AM ET ... Closing all short positions here.
Here come the squeeze
In it to win it. Remember GME and AMC. Its coming peeps
What will happen to the stocks after liquidation?
After closing 1$ … they always do like this with this trash
Funds are GONU hahahahaha
Paxos main bank... Paxos customers must be very angry, PayPal is also affected, among others..
RIP: Silvergate liquidates
svb next
Just curious - What’s happening to ‘selling a put’ holders if it gets delisted?
Delivery of the stock upon option exercise is guaranteed. Even if it's delisted, the shares can/will be bought as a pink sheet/OTC.
Short the rips- going to bounce a bit then fall to penny stock status
i add, best way to save crypto! short squeeze!
short squeeze coming, go go go
shorts were right on this one. Step to the side.
hedgefunds are long this stock.
And it's Gone.your money that is.what a joke
Gonna be like AMC and Gamestop squeeze
LOL how are those squeezes working out for you?
George soros just made 7B dollars on this silvergate dump. he's the devil 😈
he is mega short SI...meggggaaaa short
and I love all the reddit chatter and articles coming out about hedge funds loading up on shares of SI. what a racket. the SEC does 0 to protect retail