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150? Thoughts ?
up up and away
It seems to be going to 125 CAD
Time to buy more
wonder, who is buying after this bump?
set to take off now. Effective expense management and improving revenues in place. Previously oversold.
hitting $80 after earnings... this is gonna rip roarrrr
A company like META will buyout a company like SHOP. The recent partnership announcement between META and SHOP was META testing the waters for a potential buyout.
this stock can't grow, because the company is the worst online platform to open store with. after they debeted my $16 for web hosting and web address. except you want to be paying heavily on ads. there platform is robbish
beat on top & bottom  (a pretty big beat on bottom); given the drastic sell-off in the mearkets today, the absence of any significant after-hours movement is perhaps no surprise...
interesting to come back and see what's happened since my last comment 6-odd weeks ago; $SHOP could be forming a cup&handle - but then again, it could be catering..
poor boy. Sour grapes.
a dude on WSB yoloed $200k on shop 65 calls today. Lets see if he goes to wendys or lambo dealership
Hes gonna panic sell at open tomorrow. Shop will shoot up right after he yolos his remaining losses into something that will inverse the market and be the only thing red tomorrow in a sea of green.
3 stocks to drop after earning tomorrow evening: FSLY, SHOP, U. Buy some PUT options for insurance purposes or sell your position.
You would’ve just life people a lot of money, if they listen to your advice on Shopify
You would’ve just lost people a lot of money if they listen to your advice on Shopify** everyone is sleeping on Amazon, and they’ll be skyrocketing over 200 before you know it and taking a lot of people with them.🚀🚀
No major pullback so far. $80+ if this bullishness continues. Support is around 52
Gap at 48
Next stop, 52
this stock is dead. downside to about 7.
What I see in your comment is fear
what i see is someone crying over losing their money. Bitter, bitter, bitter.
This is a very sustainable trend as it looks. The adx is strong on weekly. I'm waiting for a dip or couple of red weeks to rebuy after last successful trades. At least 58 and the most will be between 52_53.
64 accomplished 🚀 now 68,50🚀🚀🚀
are they making money yet?
another bank failure
$SHOP B/O is happening and this trend looks very sustainable. Patiently waiting and holding.
For those who feel they missed it, all isn't lost yet. I trust some profit-taking will retest $50. Therefore any entry such as 52-53 should be good enough to expect a TP above 70.
If you hold this stock for ten years, you will get over 2000% returns
That is really long time. I like it tho. Lolz
Ooo baby 64 next tg 🚀🚀🚀