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it will stop on 56 and it will go up to 65 by end of November
54.81 in Nov 22
What is essence of you investing when you are not making profits? I do tell people to use the right strategy when investing in stocks or crypto because that is the only way to secure your profit, Michael_Hail
RBC Capital Maintains Outperform on Schlumberger, Raises Price Target to $59
Do you think it will hit 50?
yes , It Will go to 59
top earnings merci
THis is on the rise
should bi minimum 48.64
should bi minimum 40
Should be minimum 42.76
Buy buy buy dms imaging @0.16 till 0.30 euros to get huge profit as this company is french leader in biotech
Buffet sold OXY and buy SLB
where did you see this?
oil prices up big time, but SLB not moving , explanations ?
russia exposure is only thing i can come up with,
anybody know what the russia exposure is? 10K doesn't break it out
beta 2.29!!!!!?
How do you see SLB, guys? Are oildfield services the next step invalue chain at oil & gas to profit new prices of oil? Governance, board of directors, etc., how do you see? I appreciate any insight. Greetings!
Can anyone else see SLB going to 50 within the the next 3 months?
I'd be more concervative
it will reach 60 with 2 months
Your Jan 13th prediction was dang close... You got an eye for this...
I am surprised why the share price dropped before the earning result come out.
I'm holding SLB since 12-2020. Even that, I still can't explain to myself how an Oil % Gas company do not lose any single quarter during Covid. Anyone can help explain, I am happy to know. Thanks.
Because it's SCHLUMBERGER ❤️
also it's not purely oil..they also look for water, natural gas
they lie
SLB shares will shine again .. it will reach 65 with 3 months .. it's time to buy guys
Oil services will shine big time this year
Next, $40, $50, $60, $70, $80, ...
That would be great!💰
did you see stopped just in 31,87 the gap before? little stop before go up againg
I will reach 65 within 3 months
Finally 😊
with the demand of oil drilling going crazy there earnings should be great
$SLB why you still at 28