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Now is a good time to buy a little cheaper
buying, energy regulation plan in EU in two weeks
lower highs, lower lows coming soon
lower highs, lower lows coming soon
That is a textbook head and shoulders
what TF?
Nope, it's a notebook Loreal total repair
Value trap, SAP stopped being competitive long ago and expect it to keep losing contracts to Oracle, Hubspot, Salesforce
According to?
Why is this at 2018 prices?
Investing in stock market is slightly shitty right now and the inacurrate ROI makes it even more bad my best vote is get into the real estate crowdfunding provides investors a lot opportunites you never thought you previously had
get ready for lower lows
It's in the bottom of monthly range 115-130
Not really ... wait for it!
down the gutter
Signing in just to say LOL@Mike with his neverending emotional comments on SAP - never fails to make me laugh when SAP goes up and Mike cries - thank you for that.
Can we start refering to him as Emo-Mikey?
I wouldn't. The thank you for the constant laughter is enough, we should focus our energies towards the market and our trades ;)
it will follow the DAX
SAP shares are up 16% from the beginning of the year, still down 3.04% from its 52 week high of €129.20 set on September 1. They are outperforming the DAX which is up 12.9% from the start of the year.
it is following the DAX
time for a double dive
Another upgrade. Barclays this time: 142 Euro!
Short time for SAP
SAP has a Big Moat with ERP and the Suite always wins (revenue growth would explode by 2023, and margin improvements in the horizon). Enjoy the Ride.
Mickey Blabla, where art thou?
closed the gap down, ready for new lows
Good news today: SAP said on Tuesday it was forming a joint venture with Munich-based investor Dediq to develop new digital solutions for banking and insurance.
Massive potential to see the old time high and go above!!!
On the way back to 120 where it belongs.
106.99 above these months bullish sentiments business development infrastructure stimulus package economics stance realising soon
Marketcap only 4 times sales
please rush in buying this dip, you'll enjoy the next 80% correction ahead even more
Mickey BlaBla, hear hear
Mike the Ranter
a next Wirecard waiting to unfold
Micky Bla Bla, whatevva