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chip biz is recovering.... iphone 15 will be produced soon
Profit Taking
i believe Samsung has great potential
I think Samsung has exceptional potential, simply because they are the only one having 3nm process node except for TSMC. Samsung is big, but tiny compared to TSMC from a market cap perspective. If Samsung can grab a bit more than the current 11% chip market share, it will be a huge win for Samsung. In the latest earningscall from Synopsys, I noticed in the question section that Synopsys confirmed very much activity relatef to a big chip manufacturer that could only be Samsung.
Do I need to mention that TSMC is in Taiwan and has more than 60% of the worlds chip marketshare? A lot of companies would probably like to diversify now and the only cutting edge (high margin) alternative is Samsung.
I stop buying.
i started buying at 1170
seems like the company has largely recovered from early damage done to its public image and remains a solid maker of precision electronics
Samsung' Lee Family's Heir secure a controlling stake in the firm
bullish, all day
o lume minunata
ITs been struggling for a while