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Vola!! Aumento immatricolazioni veicoli
Oggi venerdi credo ne perda il 2% si torna in dietro.
Molto buona settimanale e mensile.
Ancora in tempo per incrementare.. crescita settimanale e
Supera i 39 .20.. grande crescita Tenault
I shall nont pay dividends. it has to reinvest in the company.
Prossimi mesi torniamo sopra i 40. 00
Yes yes very bad news! Sell it all! LOL
well done renault
there was enough profit to pay dividends
dividend was key for stock stability very bad management by not paying dividends all rivals pay very much
bofa is here
Perfect annual report stock price is too cheap
2 billion worth stuck in Russia waiting to be nationalized yet this is still trading higher than in 2020
why should anyone compare to 2020? they have a market cap of less than 2 yes worth of revenue..
At what price are you planning to buy?
It is 2.2 bilion. Revenu 2020: 43.4 bilion versus 2021: 46.2 bilion. So i don't understand the comparison..
Money in Russia is blood, boycott renault.
Will it have %10 div yield in the coming years?
back to March 2020 level?
Hope so
what happened?
Trash is trash..
Jesus! What difference can one week make! What scam!
1st of June 22 it will be Eur 60
Pure manipulation! We stay long!!
good luck
how long?
One of the most undervalued companies.Renault Megane E-Tech is one of the best looking cars built by Renault. It will have a great success.Chip shortage crises is almost over. I see the share price at more than 50 euros in the next 2 years.
you dont need to wait 2 years
something great is comming
no french company has strong competitive advantages
french people are village men