Regions Financial Corporation (RF)

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Right, in fact bankrupted.
This is the next bank to collapse
Hi guys!
Garbage bank
lol makes no sence
Any thourgts?
like I said going to 25 patients.
i have used this bank there actually very good.
yeah right 5 dollars a share try 25 dollars a share.🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
ask jpmorgan.if this stock is trash..😩🤑
this should be 5 a share right now.
I have never seen such trash that operates at a loss yet increases in share price. the stock is trash.
buy buy buy
Buy now
With 2 year to 10 year spreading out wider gives banks more profit margins. As the economy keeps on growing with more building these bank stocks will keep growing. Strong buy on RF,HBAN,BAC and WFC