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Regardless Russia will remain a whole piece, there will still be people living there. These people will need mobile service regardless their nationality which may or may not stay the same.
when is it gonna be relist again? qiwi is 25% of my total portfolio. loll
why are they appealing Nasdaq delisting, moving to OTC would open opportunity to trade, wouldn't it?
$2.5 for the takeover bid from Sergey Solonin. Keep dreaming, individual shareholders are not that stupid, specially when the company in Moscow stock exchange is trading above 300 russian rubles
all advantages to Russia for this war,,darnn..
will we still get our dividend after the halt??
What's wrong with this company? Everything looks good other than stock price?
they are scared with Russian regulation but now they are realising that it's too low to be true. Price Target: $8.50 or at least one that makes PER higher than EPS. The curre t price is a joke
Ww3 m8
everything is ok. buy more qiwi👍
again Dividend on th way.... buy now under $9 is a bRGAIN
think wee can reach 25$ again
It will be miracle
why? results are good every quarters ...
maby 20 %;up day 🌱🍈🍈🤠🤠🤠↗️↗️↗️↗️
impossible. in one day... this stock is a small volume maybe in around 10% per day,. we can easily see $10 by end of this month. nice. dividend coming big too.
wow amazin already 7 % up 🥳🥳🥳🥳🌱🍈🍈🍈
this stock is gonna fly like crazy... funny i was looking so closely last night. it crashed so hard without any news... is it because insiders wana scare weak hands? managed to grab some at $8 should have grab more at $7.68
crazy!!!! et Profit increased 190% YoY to RUB 8,836 million (or RUB 140.71 per diluted share) Adjusted Net Profit decreased 17% YoY to RUB 2,705 million (or RUB 43.32 per diluted share)
buy . div coming
Good day :)
GUYS. this is going to be big. QIWI founded QIWI BLOCKCHAIN TECH in 2016. definetly have potential in this company. im loading up little and little .. nice. we gona see x2 atleast by next year end.
optimist and been waiting for this moment for long time. it my 2rd biggest winner stocks for this year after today 7% up. nice.
pe ratio 3.9 for sucg a big company with good dividend. wow... adding everytime they drop pass $9 ,, then every $1 drop i will load up.
The stock looks cheap compared to earnings & dividends, considering that the inflation in Russia is low like the US. The only problem I see is the uncertainty from the class action lawsuit. Looks like the investors are shooting themselves in the foot. I hope the lawsuit ends without any fundamental damages to the company.
still good dividend yield up by 30%
With Q2/2021 Earnings (EPS&Rev) Investing has put USD values into RUB table, so it looks like Qiwi underperformed. Actually they did quite well over expectations. Check it?!
everything under $9.80 is a bargain
Hi guys. Greetings from Russia. Please buy more Qiwi. I need to go out from this ... stock without loses)
hahaa crazy russian,
Undervalued stock
another punch from BIDEN admin
$25+ 2k23
It'll reflect true value, once it has gained the market's trust. The next earning report and conference call are critical.  Paypal has the market's trust and its reflected in it's price! ;-)
qiwi has got great potential. profitable! growing! crisis proof! if government finds solution with certain transactions its open to reach new highs. 1500+