Altimmune Inc (3G0)

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upgrade to 16
Thoughts on this stock today??
Any news?
Clinical trials and results seem very positive but the stock is tanking. Help me... cheers.
Anyone around?
I've seen this one before, it looks like a come back but when I buy it, it goes down to a dollar. I'm not buying it though so it will probably do great ;o)
lol. i would recommend you buy the stock and put in a stop loss to limit the potential damage for a speculative stock like this. i believed in this comeback early, so i bought in a month ago at 9. its been a nice run. i am now expecting a little pause, so i may sell some short term calls to take in a little profit.
What is the sxpectations ?
check out RIGL
Great stock
Wow 14.88
diamond hands
Does anyone see this stock popping again within the next month?
Today bought is it worth @13.20 ?
any other good news after hr
GreenDay plays today, nice
lesson. never go long on covid stocks trendy volatile always crashing dependent upon positive news which many times been hyped up exaggerated. Help Alt at $4.86 Codx $3 ibo $2.47 vxrt $1.12 nvax $11 mrna $23. worst volatility. my advice great daytrade
.618 retracement was reached and defended, selloff is probably done
Get out now or u lose a lot
wisest words. its all over for biotech especially now market crashed
this will go down to 10 dont buy till than
it's at 10 do I by 1 contract is that still you advise
it's at 10 do I by 1 contract is that still you advise
it's at 10 do I by 1 contract is that still you advise
Been with biotech from February. INO MRNA NVAX VXRT PFE IBIO when trafing below $10. except MRNA at $25 doesn't seem to break $65. NVAX bought at $11 now $146. Keep ALT its a good growth stock and the company is reputable. has gained 1200% in 5 months just like NVAX.
nice man