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big crash .. againg today... no value left here...
crashing.... get out from this stock
if you wre shortet ODt 2021 start you could make tons of money
ODT still crashing looks so bad
Go up soon;)
EPS missed, going future dow, stay out from this
What’s going on?
its going down... all going out from this garbage stock
is it going to shut down or being merged with any other company?
not sure... but looks bad for sure
thsi company shutting down
Hold and have patience, soon they will be announcing alternative plans for Tesetaxel.... Going to be a retirement stock 😊
Any new reasches or just agonizing ?
company will close...if holders are lucky, stock goes to otc forawhile..what will %96 institutional holders do ? that s real question
 Therefore, Odonate is discontinuing the development of tesetaxel and will wind down the operations of the Company. That means company won't continue any operation. It will reduce all volume day by day. Hope it goes to OTC before delisted finally.
  let see whap will happen timmorow with the stock
any operations or just operation related to tesetaxel ? That’s a question ?
As of December 31, 38356048 shares held by Institutions. I don't think they will just give up easily.
back above 8
Lets hope.
Did you take 3 seconds thinking before writing that?
What ODT said about its main product tesetaxel: "has concluded that the clinical data package for tesetaxel is unlikely to support FDA approval." They better figure out a game plan for this price may keep dropping. Not a good buying time right now. Any increase after this is just speculation. It's a captain without a ship people. What are you paying him for? Maybe you like his sea stories of yesteryear.
wauw we just  went lower then 4 great dip let hope for 3,5 or 3 to buy big
does anyone know if theye have a prodect that can help them get back to the 10+ maybe 20+ ?
Odonate Therapeutics from a hold rating to a buy rating and set a $17.00 price objective
time to buy
I bought some, it is priced to go to 35 $, i will be selling at 13 if possible.
tesetaxel pulled
anyone knows if there is a stoc split i cant find any news from it so i ggues not pls inform me if anyone knows
H.C. Wainwright & Co upgraded ABEO to a buy while lowering price target from $11 to $8. 11/25/2020
Yael, any relation between odt and abelo ?