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nice buy with my target price 12
maybe will it fall more? what do you think?
the support is around 11 ,so im not really afraid ,since almost holiday,and i believe nordstrom rack will doing good :)
rdy to buy more !
are you sure?
 do you think it goes lower?
yes im sure it will go like around 12
time to buy in !
Jeremy is trying to push. this they have s lot of liabilities (debt). if another close down, this one going bk
Is it good time to buy in?
what's pushing this stock up 3%+
I'll hold stocks until 11/18  earning report day.
 Maybe or not, but it will reach again at 20 something by next year.
Down 3.5% on 9/23. Sorry guys, I cashed out. Maybe ill return later when this starts moving up.
omg what is going on,i really didn't get it
Back in at 12.90 with 240 shares. I'll most likely hold through the holidays as long as we don't go down below 11.00.
Hi Rig.. any other shares worth holding that's low at the moment with a potential growth?
I'm heavy in gold and silver. Its on a down trend right now so I'm going to see where it lands and might reinvest into some other gold/silver stocks.
will it bounce. ?
critical level/
I just sold my house and my car for getting to work to buy more!
“Yea okay”
I bought 1,000 at 14.25. I think this is lowest price ever. If it go downs then i will buy more like 1000,2000,4000 .
I'm considering using this opportunity to buy more. theyve barely missed goals in the past. post covid theyre gonna rebound.
let's hope there's a post covid world
lucky sold out before announcement....
it going to start low today, then will start to pick up, by the end of the day will be almost even.
seem market don't think so
I think bad earnings from other retailers.
Nordstrom investors page announces they will report their earnings August 25??
who is right?
Let's hope tomorrow JWN exceeds earning expectations and the stock jumps.
This stock is shorted by over 41%,. Floating Shares are 105 million. At one point the shorter(s) must cover their position - and his is when we will see an exponential jump in the JWN stock price.
before all this happened, it seemed to me this was a fundamentally good enough company, with solid management and business even though in the battered and in decadence retail sector. Wether Coronavirus structurally changed this is the big question. At this price, this is quite a nice entry point. What to do?
I live near downtown mall, Before pandemic I always seen a lot of online pick up orders near the online pick up. Just added Nordstorm to my long term account today. Will add more if it go down.
isnt Nordstrom rack it's own entity ?picked up 100 shares just below $15
Nordstorm is the parent company of N Rack.. the financials are consolidated in JWN earnings.
Thanks! Where I use to live Nordstrom Rack was my favorite place to get decent quality for a decent price.
this company will declare bankruptcy sooner or later, stay away from it.
A comment like this reminds me to urge all kids to stay in school.
so how much money have you lost hoping this stock will go back to 40$ ? the pandemic is here to stay and retail companies won't survive this.
what should i sell at?
don't buy yet, it may drop to 16$-15$ again
should i close with 8% profit then?
yeah that's what I did when it hit 20$
Above 30 soon