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ostaa nordea premium Varainhoito kasvu paras internetional raha
interests are not even on their Peak yet, way to go!
Great company
I have almost 300 stock of Nordea. got them at the price of 7.1€ a year ago. looking 5his great dividend stock.
The dividend is 0,72 EUR, not 0,39.
what Happee here!? just a ciorrection 7 Hope! *******
how it us that? itä 3.62%,
Above 88.99 these weeks bullish sentiments again stimulus package realising it's economics
my 93 year ois grandfather gave me 450 Nordea stocks couple months ago. That was nice. I wouldn't have even thought that myself. I invest in 5G, EV, Cannabis, semiconductor and automation/robotics & renewable energy, with copper and other metals like palladium. also cryptocurrency mining companies and mobilegaming is a given. Then for example graphene and other battery technology is a pretty sure bet. Basically I invest in things, that USA and other countries need in order to build almost anything new in the USA etc. With the Biden infrastructure deal, it has huge momentum on. BUT without my grandfather's gift, I had no stocks in banking. I'm from Finland l, and here, the banks are in better shape that i thought of. What's the price prediction for Nordea for next spring?Could this reach 15€ mark in a year? Also what other bank stocks are ppl buying?
most likely not as long as we have such a low interest rate landscape
Tommi, out of curiosity I ask how can Someone give their stocks to another person? for example if they buy using their bank ESA , can they transfer to someone else those stocks without additional costs?
I dont know all the things that apply for giving stocks to another person, especially in foreign countries. Here in Finland, at my case it is pre-heritage or an a gift system. I cant do anything with my Nordea stocks for a year, if i do i have to pay 30% tax. And the value of the gift can't be over 5000€ in a year. And then there's lots of other things that are in our tax-laws, but thats a whole other topic. I mean, we have quite complex tax-laws when it comes to heritage or gifts...and im sure that they do not work same ways in other countries. i guess im trying to say that i can't answer your question, because i do not know the answer.🤔😶
Investment foreign flows funds into domestic markets soon for future developments rural and urban plot areas.
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