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can we see 112$ this week?
first you we have to see around 88 if not lower 100% sure
what happened
very closed to 120 wait and watch
people cant afford to buy steaks & vegetables but they buy sport bras and elder shoes
Nike to sell children's rainbow trans sneakers. This is fabulous
96 coming soon.. recession will impact badly on apparel brands- be safe
- 12.87 for the year. Sell, it's only getting worse
You couldn’t be more incorrect.
What happend bro0554434383
120$ before end of jun
Rug pull coming today.
Multiple hammerings coming. Going the Disney way
Trading idea – Entry point has to be over 118/61.80%
become red now. oh
again weak earnings but because it beat a load of nobody's estimates apparently it good?
Lets go
wtf happened?
Sonou Diarra
Who would buy this woke Kappernick Krap
what's earning time
today it will plummet
ha ha ha, the fortune teller..
too expensive for the current environment
According to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Nike provided uniforms for 13 teams, which will lead to an upward trend in the short term. However, considering that physical stores require a large amount of capital and technical investment, there is a risk that the corresponding returns cannot be obtained economically. But if the Turkish earthquake company can make a choice this time, it will still be very profitable. So there is still a lot of room for long-term holding.
Will be a decent company and ok investment as long as they stay out of politics
$65,00 easy ! No way I buy before $70.00