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buy 150
Is this financial advice?
Bought some again
Hold for 10/15 years
buy nike 190
too expensive still, a markety top was established. only trade
I have a feeling it's gonna be a green report. Same like last year's 4th Q report. People are suckers for Nike shoes. hhh Had the same issues as this year with the pandemic, supply bottlenecks etc., but they still had a green report. I will double check this later on. I am curious about my hunch.
Sold it officialy, I don't believe in a upper trend now, it can happen, but I won't put any money in it
load in truck good fundamental company
huge upside to be expected in Foot locker now.Good news to be pumped in shortly share trading 7% down now, expected to shoot up 20 to 30 % quickly now hurry rally started already
Buy the dip friends
ticker ONE is gonna 🚀
@ Joe Velasquez are you sure my Brother ?
It's down without any doubts. I'm from VN where more than 50% products of Nike are made from here. Many Many labors have been quit jobs and evaluated to back their home since June 😬😬
revenues down, it will only get worse as the stimulus goes down by end of year.
They are not in control of supply issues. More bad news will comedown the pipeline, erxpect price 130 soon.
Everything’s going to see a decrease in revenue numbers since the stimulus is going away. No more free money burning a hole in their pocket
NKE $159.47 +1.29% @ Close! (Earnings)
Nice ❤️
invest in RTX defense company sure money . buy and sell up to @ 85 usd .
are you sure .!??????
do you think it will go at @ 159 usd ?
@ already at @ 156.42 will continue the drop down and after the earnings what do you think Amigo ?
I like Iove lead drive Nike !
I love Nike !
Take a look at IGBR, OTC market you can make good money with, is just like BNGO or BNTX when I got there, small flout only 160 mil. Shares, Dryworld will be completed soon, merger will be finalized, waiting for ticker change, the next NIKE, PUMA or ADIDAS will be sportswear, already have various sponsorship contracts with athletes, Barchart and Investing say 100% purchase, just a little hint who is interested, good luck to you all while earning money
wish is next meme
Its going to be quite a journey down before it comes back!
It holds until our PUTs expire , after expiration the correction begins