Vaxart Inc (VXRT)

  • Volume:
  • Day's Range:
    3.400 - 3.760
  • 52 wk Range:
    2.490 - 10.310

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  • This stock is the Donald Trump of the World. Great product,but everyone hates him. Apparently Pfizer and Moderna have Lobbyists working around the clock to never allow a Pill form(Explains the Hedge fund dump the other day).  If this every came to the public the Pill form would put lots of vaccine makers out of business. Who wouldn't take a Pill over an injection. Makes sense to me. I also researched the Lease space that Vaxart signed on an 8K back in the summer. The management company told me it never happened. So looks like this stock is just a money grab for the executives. That does not mean we cant make money. It just means we need to learn to grab the money when we can.
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    • hahaha welcome to America they would sell their mœther besides their søull for money. money is pœw_er and pœw_er is DC the swmp
    • I hœte how much censorship their is here. can't even pay without moderation.