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I can't believe analysts are still giving a 12 month price target of 5.42, this sector is always with great (investor) risks
a lot of potential for the Future
Mega deal to come with catalent (CTLT) ?
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted approval of the Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) for HALOETTE® (etonogestrel and ethinyl estradiol) *******hormonal contraceptive ring. Mayne Pharma anticipates the commercial launch of HALOETTE® ring by early calendar year 2023.
Liege, Belgium, 01 August 2022 – 7:30 CEST – Mithra (Euronext Brussels: MITRA), a company dedicated to Women’s Health, today announces that its U.S. commercial partner, Mayne Pharma Group Limited (ASX: MYX), has entered into a new strategic collaboration with GoodRx (Nasdaq: GDRX), a leading consumer-focused digital healthcare platform in the U.S. The collaborative initiative will deliver an enhanced direct-to-consumer (DTC) program aimed at building awareness of NEXTSTELLIS® (E4/DRSP) oral contraceptive availability in the United States.
NEXSTELLIS® oral contraceptive now available in Australia26 July 2022, 07:30 CEST Adelaide, Australia and Liege, Belgium - Mayne Pharma Group Limited (ASX: MYX) and Mithra Pharmaceuticals, SA (Euronext Brussels: MITRA) are pleased to announce NEXSTELLIS ® (14.2 mg of estetrol and 3 mg drospirenone tablets), the first-of-its-kind oral contraceptive with a novel estrogen, is now available in Australia. NEXTSTELLIS® unlocks a new era in contraception offering women and their healthcare providers a next generation birth control pill. Every woman’s body responds differently to contraceptive hormones and having a new estrogen available – E4 – opens up the possibility that more women will be able to find a combination that suits them. Mithra is excited to see the commercialisation of NEXTSTELLIS® contraceptive on a third continent. Leon Van Rompay, CEO Mithra Women’s Health
LDA Capital commits an amount of up to EUR 75 million in cash within a maximum of five years in exchange for new ordinary shares in Mithra. This is the fourth put option notice related to this agreement, leaving EUR 54 million available to Mithra.
1 month later and 8.16, where's the bottom?
11.70, curious how low this can go. price now certainly does not represent future profits
14.00? Time to accumulate for a near future
Approval in EU is a fact. next US!
Approval US is also a fact !
Approval for Canada is now a fact!
First we need approval of Estelle & Myring in USA - 2021. 1st results are promising but still need to wait the approval. If it's a GO than Mithra will go up !!
Expectations for 2021? (with Estella going USA)
Pray wait and see 🙏🤔
With a 200 SMA (26,29) and 50 SMA (25,48) is this current 22,40 a great opportunity with a target price of 33,50
Whaha with the news of today, they still say strong sell here on, what a joke! . Let's rise like an arrow today ;)
Added at 35,95