Las Vegas Sands Corp (LVS)

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LVS good news from today 1) revenue beats forecasts 2) EPS beats forecasts 3) reinstates dividend. Yet price is down in after hours... short sellers must not understand how to read financial reports.
LVS $59.67 -0.55% @ Close! (Earnings) Reinstates Dividend
Zachs ESP predicts positive earnings suprirse for LVS using their proprietary formula.
LVS $59.36 +0.02% @ Close! (Earnings)
Trading idea – Entry point has to be over 56/61.80%
LVS $55.02 -0.81% @ Close! (Earnings)
LVS $54.57 +0.37% @ Friday Close!
LVS $51.57 +0.08% @ Friday Close!
LVS $48.07 +2.10% @ Friday Close!
LVS $46.83 +4.86% @ Close!
target price?
WB is the. 🤟
LVS $42.00 +8.81% @ 02:30 PM ET
LVS $40.00 @ 10:07 AM ET
LVS $37.77 +0.21% @ Close!
anyone else think this stock will never go back to $50 etc?
... Sin stocks as they are sometimes called. Gambling, tobacco and alcahol.
LVS $37.08 +4.36% @ Close! (Earnings)
LVS $36.82 ... anyone long from yesterday from low $35?  I might suggest selling 2/3 here and let some ride thru earnings/losses report.  Market seems to be starting to look 6-9 out and past Fed rate hikes, China lockdowns hopefully easing and their cutting rates to stimulate.  Build some cushion just in case they drop some negative news not already factored in.  Decent base dating back to March and a break much above $40 could really bring in some new money.
Back to $40!
Cleared my shorts in amc and went long lvs! Target $40
How low can this go?
People are so uneducated you cannot beat the casino people lose a little to thier life savings they don't care they will take all your money if you give it to them but the casinos are packed because of your stupidity
It can be a form of entertainment. I’m not a gambler at all, but once every 10 years I like to play black jack, plan on losing $1,000, but if get up $1,000, then that goes in my pocket and try to systematically build to $2,000. Just like trading securities. Trading securities is much less risky though. When the house is showing an Ace, you can’t take your bet back off the table.
$50 by summer of 2023
Ur crazy bro😂😂50$ next week bud
LVS $42.95 +14.05% @ Friday Close!
One good news from china and this goes back to $50!
As soon as CNY and BJ Olympics are finished is the best bet ... March.
As soon as CNY and BJ Olympics are finished is the best bet ... March.