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Intel has hit the highest price it has traded for over the last year (52 week period). This is a technical indicator that can be used to analyze the stock's current value and predict future price movement.

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Oct 27, 2022
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Intel Corporation Analysis

Intel Corporation Company Profile

Intel Corporation Company Profile

Intel Corporation is engaged in designing and manufacturing products and technologies. The Company's segments include Client Computing Group (CCG), Data Center Group (DCG), Internet of Things Group (IOTG), Mobileye, Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group (NSG) and Programmable Solutions Group (PSG). The CCG segment is focused on long-term operating system, system architecture, hardware, and application integration that enable PC experiences. The DCG segment develops workload-optimized platforms for compute, storage, and network functions. The IOTG segment develops high-performance compute platforms that solve the technology needs for business use cases that scale across vertical industries and embedded markets. The Mobileye segment provides driving assistance and self-driving solutions. The NSG segment provides memory and storage products based on Intel 3D NAND technology. The PSG segment offers programmable semiconductors, primarily FPGAs, structured ASICs, and related products.

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Average51.14 (+98.46% Upside)
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        • Its going to 10
          • lol
        • I can easily get breakeven in 6-8 years.
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          • Not sure what is up with this board. I never said anything about Ukraine. Ukraine was a former SOVIET country that broke free from Russia. Taiwan IS a territory of China and China allows some local autonomy. Now if you are suggeting that Taiwan will leave China like Ukraine did then doesn't that suggest China will use force to oppose a sepearate Taiwan? Puerto Rico is a territory of the US but has a local government. Some people want to make it a state and thus subject to US laws Some people Puerto Ricans want to stay indpendent, some even want Puerto Rico to seperate from the USA. Regardless China is not happy with Taiwan. There is real trade issue happening now and the US thinks it will be 2 years before China will take Taiwan. Many countries feel it could be any day. So maybe tomorrow, maybe 2 years maybe who knows. But the reality is if China takes Taiwan, chip exportations will likely slow or stop.
          • Both Taiwan and China claim to be the actual China and accept the one-China principle, but both are independent nations. China doesn’t allow anything, they CAN’T stop Taiwan and have tried before. That’s the status quo. I mean Taiwan literally follows US sanctions and doesn’t allow advanced chips to be sold to China. Maybe read a book or something instead of blabbing like a rtard. Read up on the three-gorges dam - Taiwan has the capability to missile it and flood one-third of China.
        • soon under book value
          • Considering the government will soon be offsetting some of the debt from the unfinished FABs it will be even more below book.
        • intel should drop to 15-20 per unit..
          • God I hope so that would be better than a ********
        • So happy for all the 1998 buyers. They are finally in the green again. 🤣
          • You amd stans are so naive, that you dont even consider 4 percent dividend paid every quarter and judge a dividend company by it's price like your non dividend amd.
          • So Sad4 percent now. Wasn’t that high throughout 1998-2022. And it’s a rtarded comparison. Amd still made much more over the same period with share price appreciation. 🤷‍♂️ Plus assuming a 4% or any dividend yield will remain is naive - intel’s getting slaughtered in market share while unsustainably burning money.
          • So Sadyou are complete ignor.ant in investment and economy. If you earn 4% per year, this means you only gained 80-100%. Do you know how many multiples other tech made? AMD for example was less than $2 seven years ago. Also, have you heard of currency depreciation? If you paid $27 for a stock 25 years ago it means like you paid like 50$ or 60$ in todays money. Please go learn some basic economy.
        • 2nd day of intel innovation, hoping to get some benchmarks of gen 13. especially 13600
          • lol on 10nm chips while amd is already 5 nm chip
          • Maverick Retail Noob You know those were just marketing terms, right? They're not even used by anyone anymore. Intel is roughly a node behind.
          • Real world performance and costs are the only that matter to me. Honestly I don't care about desktop chip, haven't owned a desktop in 20 years. I suspect the 5nm will help AMD mobile chips perform better, intels design refindments seem to be helping. I said I was hoping for data, not saying "10nm" is superior to "5nm". Seriously you need to stop attacking people and making false assumptions of what they are saying.
        • AMD should get it over and buy Intel 🤣
          • Not a good idea. AMD wanted to get rid of its fab, why would they want to get back into the same dilemma again. Only top node fabs are interesting for AMD, and even then you d have to take care of upgrading etc. Its very expensive and doesnt make sense. One of the problems that Intel had. And by the way, why would AMD want to dilute its CAGR further down by acquiring Intel. And last but not least, they got rid of Raja back then. I dont think they want him back :D
          • Intel has a higher market cap and more access to captial. I would like to see Nvidia buy INTC.
          • Lol. Would be a major liability. Why buy the inferior foundry with substandard products. Intel needs a booming industry to maintain volumes as they keep haemorraging market share.