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Intel Corporation Company Profile

Intel Corporation is engaged in designing and manufacturing products and technologies. The Company's segments include Client Computing Group (CCG), Data Center Group (DCG), Internet of Things Group (IOTG), Mobileye, Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group (NSG) and Programmable Solutions Group (PSG). The CCG segment is focused on long-term operating system, system architecture, hardware, and application integration that enable PC experiences. The DCG segment develops workload-optimized platforms for compute, storage, and network functions. The IOTG segment develops high-performance compute platforms that solve the technology needs for business use cases that scale across vertical industries and embedded markets. The Mobileye segment provides driving assistance and self-driving solutions. The NSG segment provides memory and storage products based on Intel 3D NAND technology. The PSG segment offers programmable semiconductors, primarily FPGAs, structured ASICs, and related products.

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  • Ok I am in again at 37.15.
    • Got a little concerned there for a bit. ok look like should be another 3% by friday.
  • This will continue exploring new lows in the coming 2 quarters at least. Next earning will be massively low as the estimates already expect 40-50% drop in EPS YoY.
    • TY captain obvious we have known that for months. There is a supply shortage, cost are up everywhere, margins have contracted every where. For a short time we could be heading back to 2017 earings levels. But again, Intel is finishing up in demand fab facilities. A couple bad quarters is ok, the stock is over sold even at reduced earnings.
    • Michael Mantionmost welcome. Then next we need to ask: why supply shortage and cost only affect intel earning estimate to drop by 50% while the estimates of other companies still up by 50% ?
  • There is no traders left in this stock. Only long term investors. Unlike amd, trading like a penny stock.
    • Michael Mantionyou can insult me. But that wont change the fact that you will get your as handed to you.(some of you already got)
    • I cleared my position friday before the close. I only held it short term and made 3%, Looking for another good entry point. As to insulting you I tried to make lemonaid. You did something that was so silly everyone disagreed with you, so I tried to put a positive spin on it. Just own the fact you said something dumb and move on. Im thinking if it drops below 37.20 again im getting in. I may have misse my chance.
    • Michael Mantionwhen you say “AMD and Nividia rose because of crypto mining” is absolutely not correct. If you read the report and tried to estimate gpu share, you would know that cryptos wont even form 5%. FYI, 2/3 of growth is due to enterprises. The stocks priced in low because of economic condition.
  • Be cautious, most mainboard suppliers issued profit warnings due to heavy demand contractions in Q3/Q4. While averagely its around 10%, some issued even up to almost 50%. Intel is very depended on consumer demand. Since DC was already declining now for years, a consumer demand contraction will be pretty toxic for Intel. Be prepared for a lowered guidance at the next eearnings report in 3 weeks
      • In short economy can't handle more hikes. Fed pivots and we get a meltup or Great Depression 2
      • Members of the federal resever get more assets and more interest payments everytime they cause a crisis and they have to "bailout" the economy.
    • Great pivot meltup coming....Michael Burry Agrees: "Bullwhip Effect" Will Force Powell To Pivot On Rate Hikes And QT
      • Likely to do well from g7 infrastructure new spending to conteract new silk road.
        • If you aren't aware there is a CHIPS bill that is held up and it is a federal subsidy to make chips in the USA.  I am against subsidies in general but IF we must have subsidies I am glad they are focused on making things actually need instead of crappy industries.  When the CHIPS bill goes through intel gets money for FABS they have been making.
      • Too many hopeful get rich shorts posting.Nividia has entered into a partnership with Intel. Put simply Intel fabs make some of Nividia chips. Boom in chips has not even started. EVs use x6 chips compared with ICE. Electrification of mass transport will guzzle chips. Internet of everything uses chips ...defence industry next generation of smart weapons require more
        • The estimated next earning is already down by almost 40% YoY!!! Disaster.
          • Michael MantionI wrote YoY, mot from 2022-03-31 as you understood. And I didnt say its worthless. I said “Disaster”. If you think earning drop by 40% is not disaster, then fine. Everyone has his own view.
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          • San Marina Earnings drop all the time with out it being a disaster.  Some companies lose more and more every year and the company becomes more valuable.  Spending money on research, making new buildings is not a bad thing.  Intc was over sold.  The decline in revenue was expected due to many factors. If you think declining earnings is a disaster maybe trade the penny stocks.
        • Had my blinders on. Saw intc trading in a band got in at 37.26, thankfully only 100 shares. Caught a falling knife didn't even know it. Decided to just keep the position because its still a good deal, hopefully I can clear my position before the weekend.