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Intel Corporation Company Profile

Intel Corporation Company Profile

  • Type:Equity
  • Market:Germany
  • ISIN:US4581401001
  • WKN:855681

Intel Corporation is engaged in designing and manufacturing products and technologies. The Company's segments include Client Computing Group (CCG), Data Center Group (DCG), Internet of Things Group (IOTG), Mobileye, Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group (NSG) and Programmable Solutions Group (PSG). The CCG segment is focused on long-term operating system, system architecture, hardware, and application integration that enable PC experiences. The DCG segment develops workload-optimized platforms for compute, storage, and network functions. The IOTG segment develops high-performance compute platforms that solve the technology needs for business use cases that scale across vertical industries and embedded markets. The Mobileye segment provides driving assistance and self-driving solutions. The NSG segment provides memory and storage products based on Intel 3D NAND technology. The PSG segment offers programmable semiconductors, primarily FPGAs, structured ASICs, and related products.

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  • We may see $34 today!! If market correction continues next week, this will be going to new lows.
      • My firm is buying!!
        • Looks like a local plateau: medium-term price stabilized, volumes dropped. Everybody is waiting on sidelines ... But in long-term I no doubt price will be up: all current hurdles which affect EBITDA are temporary by nature.
          • I hope that one day this decline will stop here, that's why I'm watching the stock. The most important thing is the level of entry, because when the index collapses, we can also see a price of 25....Everything else is empty talk.
            • Expectations are so low now surprising to upside ia what could come next Wal-Mart comes to mind
              • Some people here want you to sell low buy high the smart ones will figure it out.
                • We do think we're on the bottom," Zinsner said, adding that price increases and a seasonal improvement in the fourth quarter should help Intel bring its gross margin back to around 51% to 53%.
                  • Semiconductor foundry performance in 2Q22. Thread. Except for Intel, all other foundries grew revenue. TSMC: 36.7% GloFo: 23.0% UMC: 41.6% SMIC: 41.6% Intel: -53.8%
                    • When you followed my words carefully over the last months and years, apparently you did not and it means you do not listen. THEN you would know I said if you go for SUSTAINABLE stock performance there is growth here. Only a roller coaster between every ER. The margin boost in Q4 is basically already priced in. Remember the Forward PE for Intel even with partial recovery priced in is still awful, historically low. It will take Intel YEARS to improve this noticeably again. This means if you go for stock performance it makes no sense to invest currently. If you dont care and want to waste 2 investment years (with only taking dividends which are even in discussion to being canceled just like ARC, due to massive negative cash flow - of course this does not mean this has to happen, but this is already bad enuff because it means taking up debt). So if you are good with 3-4 % dividends go ahead, Intels bottom is somewhere around 30-34. So stock performance-wise you cant loose a lot of money anymore, but you can not win anything either apart from dividends the following 2 years. My advise: ONLY short term gaming, to make use of the up and downs (shorts+calls between ERs). But else invest your money rather somewhere else, and come back 2023/Q2-Q3~. And by the way, competition everywhere will now remain forever in this game, it will keep margins in general rather lower. I
                    • Also note that Intel is raising prices in an economic contraction, which means demand is relatively price inelastic. Nividia is also using Intel's factory. Intel will benefit most from chip act. CEO admitted past performance was not good sees trough. Bank deposits negative interest bond negative yielding. There is always risk. But what is alternative keeping uninsured funds over certain amount in bank. Frankly more concerned about my bank failure then intel survival. But i take your points onboard.
                    • I am trying to understand the take away? Are you saying Intel is having a hard time competeing against chinese companies? I am thinking that companies are willing to pay more to avoid disruption. Once intel modernizes with its new FABS it will be able to offer compeditive production. And if they don' then Pat and the rest of the csuite should go.
                  • irrational move
                    • move will become more rational in 50s 60s and beyond