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a draft from June, it looks like on progress,
Passed Fibo 43,4 and now in upper band.
Who wanted to sell sold already. It will stop close to 55. Mabe retreat maybe not then. Long term who knows, but def. There is space to double the price in2 years time. If execution didnt sucks. Market conditions will dteriorate in short ter, next year will be bumpy, but 2025 could be more about upsides.
Im sorry are you suggesting it goes higher in the short term? Because when I look at that graph i expet to see a plateau or a correction in the near term. Fascinating.
sorry to be confusing. i suggest that in medium term it will reach 36 again, but in short term its going higher, following trend.
The boost in investor sentiment came after Mizuho Securities upgraded the semiconductor giant's rating from "neutral" to "buy", significantly raising its price target from $37 to $50. The Japanese financial institution, known for its expertise in technology stocks, cited a number of factors for its optimistic outlook. Mizuho analysts expect a recovery in the PC and data center server markets by 2024, which they believe will benefit Intel substantially. The company is expected to outperform competitors thanks to a robust series of product launches scheduled for next year. In addition to the expected market recovery, Mizuho highlighted that the strategic divestment of Altera's FPGA programmable circuits represents a key value driver for Intel. This move is expected to contribute an additional $17 per share, pushing the company's aggregate value to approximately $84 by 2024-2025 ​
how is that i am no analyst and new it when intel was on its lowest?
because you are a genius, obviously.
Nice move today!
time to short
there is no resistance until it reach 50
I would never short this stock. There are few advanced FABs outside of china. If the 2 china's unify peacefully or violently then production might be disrupted and intel becomes much more valuable.
do you think you will be able to buy back cheaper? It has about the same sales and profits as AMD, is expanding production and products and is 1/3rd the price? Nvidia is over priced. Qcom may be over priced don't know how well their arm processor will be accpeted.
3 months ago I sold the shares I had in Intel for 35 dollars, the truth is I somewhat regret having sold them. For those who bought these shares a month ago, congratulations.
Never hurts taking some profit. There will be new entry points..
i felt same today realizing sold 2/3 within 38-40 range, some more today at 42. Worse would be hodling all and potentially crashing price going back to zero profit. Anyway keep to the plan. I buy good deal and add more on way down, sell on way up. I did buy tesla at 110 and sold 170-200, could have 300? yes or could be other way, profits help :) Nvidia for 350+ or other M7 is no for me, cisco today 12% down yes
Warren Buffett's secret stock ? - Google it.. *This is a guess / hope and I own the stock myself.
Do you think is google or intel?
Google Info about Buffet secret stock - I think it could be Intel
Actually I have both, but my opinion is that Intel can make more profit.
Intel giving israel workers 5k. WTF. Crazy
my selling order at 1375
300 target with buybacks...!!!
as I told you and keep telling you, buy now and hold before it will double , so undervalued, foundry services alone will be worth 300bil in couple of years
depends. could be 1000 in 10 years. i am pretty sure it wont get under 36 any time soon.
Priced in. Gl for longs margins shrinking and cost to use USA instead of Taiwan doesn’t make it cheaper or better. Just cost more
Why is this up so much premarket? The military research thing?
Insight has gone dim LOL
sorry it must mean correctly packaging capacities not capabilities. their capabilities are okay.
What are the tax credits for? Is it the same tax credits that Samsung and TSMC are using? Its expensive to make FABS especially in the corrupt USA, the US thinks making advanced chips domestically is a value to the US. I agree Pat needs to go, good vision but no follow through. Said he was going to lay off dragged his feet, laid off almost no one. He needs to focus 100% on Foundry. x86 is on life support.
@Insight: Keep bla bla'ing. By the time you're done playing Einstein, quite a few of us will be up +100% in INTC. Some people never learn to trade...
Definitly trending towards a 52 week high. Very likely before next earnings release.
Adjusted lowered.earnings forecast......scam result
short now
Its not even good report
indeed, it is a very good report
For a company with a weak CEO and a painful transition, they managed to make a decent amount of money. They need to focus on cutting staff. Need to cut at least 10k employees. to impress me.
I remember saying many moons ago that shorting near earnings one day would burn your pants
I remember when my grandmother told me wisdoms like water is wet, wolves may bite you and don't eat yellow snow..
I remember saying that if you grandma had wheels she would have been a bike
Oh and FYI - never bet against US ;)
Is this a joke. its back up to levels it was 2 days ago. I did think about buying shares when it was below $33. But got burned by their earnings in the past.
worst it's in the 2014-2017 range. Lower than COVID bottom. And will stay here for a longer time.
If you against Intel you against USA being the world's strongest nation and wants to see China dominate, now unless you are Chinese spy or Putin supporter or muslim terorist, only clueless person from the west will cheer for that, simple at that.
INTC $32.52 -0.94% @ Close! (Earnings)
sell the news, revenues y/y still down, and not growing. nothing else matters if you understand basic economics
not necessarily has to be better but destroying monopoly. this is what business wants, this is what we should want too.
TSMC might end due to geopolitics...tail risk but real...
its almost certain the CCP will have control over Taiwan with in the next 2 years. The question is how will that impact production. Will china cut off the world, cut off the west. Mainland needs TSMC more than they need trade with the west.
This will hit $40 by December
hugely huge selling on way
gap up....