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HSBC exit in Europe brings strikes in countries like Greece
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HSBC will go up ?
Only a matter of time for HSBC to be gone with the Dodo thanks to Evergrande
December 17th puts are crazy 25 strike 18k last I checked
so why many scammer andhacked people And game people nol Loke work only hackaed
target: 0. This bank has no right to exist anymore due to their financing of terrorism and drug cartels.
worst bank there is.
What's going on guys?
11 dislikes on august 3rd basically because I said that it will fall furthermore because of their customer model and the overall financial environment. At the same time are champions in money laundering.
What happens to the SPDR Gold Trust GLD ETF if HSBC ceases operations? Halt on withdrawals?
It will recover because of the growth of China...
unless biden is elected.. but i think he will. but not the HK market... im from Brunei. hsbc here is already closed since last year...
I was almost certain that it will fall after the results. Basically central Banks and technology destroys commercial banks. Either way hsbc has one of the most awful customer support
I wonder how much it will fall and if this is a good stock after a possible Biden win?
You'll never know
biden might win. but not sure if CHINA will get benefit alot.. it will have a sharp turn up but will still go down.
If HSBC fails what will happen to the GLD ETF since they are the Custodian of the physical gold backing the ETF?
so sad, no dividends now
Well i bought some for thevdividebd
hope you are going well
HSBC aware of Huawei’s ties with Iran unit before arrest of founder’s daughter, documents show. Former chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou is currently fighting extradition to the US in the Canadian courts. Executive is accused of making a fraudulent presentation to the bank about the Chinese tech giant’s business dealings in Iran. . . Zhou Xin . Published: 10:00pm, 17 Jan, 2020
Hong Kong’s first digital bank offers 6 per cent rate to outdo HSBC in warning shot to new competition. ZA Bank, the city’s first digital-only bank, is said to be offering the 6 per cent rate for three-month deposits capped at HK$200,000 for select clients. Standard Chartered, HSBC and BOC Hong Kong pay 1.9 per cent to 2.3 per cent for the same deposit maturity. Topic |   Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). . . Bloomberg . Published: 2:54pm, 12 Jan, 2020
HSBC and Santander to refund customers after breaking CMA rules. Written by . Alex Hamilton. 1st December 2019
This counter here is ADR (can google a bit about ADR). For every 1 ADR will represents 5 shares. This means that for 0.10 dividend by hsbc, ADR will gets 0.50 dividend. Likewise if dividend is 0.21 then ADR will get 1.05 dividend (feb 2019). For full list of div can refer
Why dividends and dividend yield are different on different websites? Feb 2019 dividend is 21 cents or 63 cents or 101 cents? Is yield 6.3 or 10%? Even within dividend history section shows yield of 6.3% but Ratios section shows 10%