Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd ADR (HNHPF)

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i bought 3300 shares @ td Ameritrade back when it was $5.45 for double paired share
Buy with SCWABB BROKER 2317tt tawain
In europe,none if the brokers have them for buy.I didn't find any from were to buy... :(
pe ce platforma ai cumparat?
Going to fund my retirement🙏🙏😎
It hasn't yet, though as a manufacturer to large global electronics/IT companies it should be a resilient defensive one.  I'm sure it paid more dividends than shown here
how can I buy this stock?
HNHPF symbol. I buy it through my Etrade acct.
In europe from were i can buy it?Anyone knows?
This stock will end up making money for investors on a scale comparable to what Microsoft, Boeing and even Amazon have made for investors over the past 5-10 yrs.
Not exactly tawian suffix pf is by accident only a normal prefered share
Sit and wait you will enjoy
AF is one share and PF = 2 shares based on my research
What will happen to this stock when it's put on the NYSE?
The next NYSE (TM)
The next NYSE (TM)
Why do other places say it's 7+ eps and 4 trillion/year revenue? ... I mean this company makes all the iphones, and Apple is only a quarter of it's customer base. Defamed because it's a Taiwanese company?
Does anyone know if this stock kind of mirrors the one on the Taiwan stock exchange? How the two are related exactly?
AF is one share and PF = 2 shares based on my research