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HD is about to take a huge hit...builder activity very soft with real estate dive expected soon
Only hit you got was during your birth.
Dima, but if one's planning to hold it for the ultra long term (5+ years) then does that really matter?
HD is a very good business which will weather the storm better than most - great for long term hold 5+ years
Gap to yesterday is almost closed now. Short chance?
HD just announced its Q1 earnings. Although they met expectations, the performance was poor, and it has fallen 2.5% in pre-market trading. Looking at the daily chart, it's currently a sideways trend, and there's a high probability of further declines, so going short on HD at this position is a very good choice!
i would wait it out to get close to 200MA daily. Then a good short can be placed.
where is the 200 MA daily now?
they missed and gave bad outlook. this is an index buffer for bad earnings to come next quarter.
This market down only because home depot weak asf lol
largest revenue loss in 20 years... and horrible outlook regarding sales and profit margin
tiny loss despite bad figures
2 out 3rd held out of 9 out a 4th
Trading idea – Entry point has to be over 295/61.80%
Red on green days, flat days, and red days. Nothing short term to be bullish on. Dead money for a while.
Great stock, due to go up.
momo pay or my account
stop worrying the company looks healthy, the company growing, and things will get better by 2030 or slightly earlier
Will continue down as long as the fed is raising rates.then probably side ways for a few months
why did it tank
what the buck is going on these stores are racking in huge dollars
200 people waiting arctye door every day at 7 am all over the country
yes sir this is the stock the hurricane Ian and Fiona this stock is going to back to 400
the hurricane in Florida will be a huge boost to the stock with mortgage rates more people will improve thier homes rather than sell
please everyone buy it is going to go to 325
Seems like a good stock to short given its rise over the past years and the housing market losing steam.
!!!! what ur strike price ?
they need figure a way to become profitable again and fast a lot of other companies are starting pass it
The Home Depot needs to cut costs/Debt because the company to much in debt which not good