Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (HLL)

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2000 is the label for today
buy HUL @ 2005 ... Only worrisome is Rising inflation during pandemic.
buy 2200 ce of oct. series
it's a good time to invest
it's a good time to invest
now market is up but it is going down from instant up move of 2130
are in good support zone, chances may decrease some value, but sooner give best price.....
I have 3lot + @ 2193 , 2213 0r 2340 please suggest September targets
currently HUL looks week on charts. . it can go toward 2300 after taking its 200 Ema support which is at 2111. very likely it will consolidate around 2200 in september series. . i suggest you to sell 2300 call option to get some premium until it reach 2300.
sell your long and short it will touch 1900 soon
Dec it will be 2400 and above, support near 2080
hul looking strong 2350-2420 very soon
good for long run
we can see 2400 immediately
what about hul pls tell me your proper study
Looks like we all are waiting for 2300 levels, the stock did bounce from good supports, but it needs to cross 2262-64  levels with good volumes. Lets see how n when that happens where does the stock go :)
Ye udega 2350+++
target 2300 near
ye rocket bnega 2600 tk....aaj negative sentiments ka shikar ho gya ye but kl ye rocket bnega
do not hold buy position this time you will get loss by theta decay even if stock goes up. .
  Hold till tomorrow and day after tomorrow . Acc can fly even after huge decline then why not HUL. Stay bullish stay hungry
ab kab Rocket banega...Pure operator game.
Why down.... Result is positive?
its just a profit booking. . from long time it was running like horse. . completely operator game. . now it should recover . .. ..
Hul blast tommrow on good result
buy Hul till expiry 2600+ target
What is next target upto expiry
agr 2350 ke upr closing kregatau Target 2500+