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what happen to see this crash ?!
Or monday perhaps. So far so good.
We are near a very important low. Perhaps Friday 26 Nov.
welcome to the NEW NORMAL!!! DUMP everything!!! Oakland and Denver zoos among first to start vaccinating animals against coronavirus https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/zoo-animal-covid-vaccine-oakland-denver-b1880214.html
down to end of month - speed from 14/5
will be triggered again today
Go down.Bla,bla too much about politic!
i expect 28 till 6 months
WHAT is your opinion ? H & M will rise up or will go downtrend ?
Rise up again for sure
Long term. Weekly still on the downtrend with EMA resistance. Week about to close with gravestone doji. On the daily we are participating daily healthy consolidation. As bull I would like to see higher low compared to 131 SEK, daily equilibrium and then break out..continuation to next resistance around 156 SEK. Patiently waiting for clarity.
Buy order pending at 125
Finally a candidate to buy?
think to buy but not action it yet!
I am waiting to buy but not action yet!
I guess we have to wait till 08.05.18 to get the big move up ;)
This is soon gonna explode up when the short covering starts. Norwegian pension fund has loaned out stocks for 1,5 Biliion to shorters. Biggest shortholder is Swedish Enskilda banken.
They need go get more agressive in the online sales. There revenue is good so.....all good.
this is a falling knife, hidden right issue or lend money for dividend is very stupid. this company need management change
I'm in at 158sek. Giving this until 05, around dividend time. The yield now is fantastic. Don't think they will risk to cut it.
they should. they should cut the dividend, force out the rest of weak hands and invest what's left of earnings into their future. They missed out big time on the online market and now need to get their stuff together.
Starting to buy Long ETF HM Bull x8 . Target HM 200,-
Leveraged ETFs aka another banker's scam. If that is how you want to play, use mini futures instead, they do not erode and have no administration fee (and sometimes no courtage fee).
Thanks for the tip, man!!
now 114 so ......
Buying range 178 / 182 on multiyear support and Fibonacci retracement level
Sell, target 180 sek
The new collection with Erdem x HM is sold out everywhere in 3 days!!!!! Online and retailshops. Totally amazing. This will effect the sales of regular collections as well and build up the HM-brand even more. Target price now for me is north of 255 sek. Going all in now and you have a great dividend now in a week of sek 4.85 per share. /Mr Gekko
not real buyer, only big  owner in denial, sell