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Will he go up ?
Really bad
5% gap up after earnings...
Did you mean 15% down?
Buy now
Way over leveraged. Sell while you can..
froud report
Here we go, massive scamming.
bad results but up to 400
Good or bad only buy
buy backs and stock rise
So…? Earnings what?
it will follow Charles Schwab profits direction and the 12% up today
311 to 315 after results.
282 coming soon
Target 🎯 price between 420 and 500$.
green 💚
open green
Big fish eating little fish. Financials will fly over the next month.
these big banks are sitting on a mountain of new cash. will go up like crazy when things settle down.
GS trades up 12% today to $362 on “Fixed Income GOAT Trade” -
GS purch of $21 bill SVB portfolio - GOAT of fixed income trades *GS netted 70 bps in 48 hrs on a $21.4 bill portfolio with weighted avg maturity of 6+ yrs …they didn’t even have time to structure an internal hedge, plus the explosion of treasury volatilty allowed them to write volatilty premium against the portfolio purchased - this is one of the greatest fixed income trades in the shortest periods of time in the history of GS, and modern finance ( 70 bps at a 5yr duration is almost a years worth of rate shift…in 48 hrs) jpk