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How see this stock?? I see potential
same here.. but what beneficial potential do you see here ??
I'm ready to get hurt once again
nevermind lol
so much for investing on companies with solid balance sheets, financials, management and growth prospects. this is brutal.
i feel ya, but it is what it is, and all we can do is either average down or give up, and I'm not giving up.... yet.
this is like a bad joke
just a loser every single day. no exceptions.
stout looking bull flag on the 1hr.
How many people hold this share? Hands up please~
only me .! you ?
There is no correction during rising period. Just hold this *****
This will be $6 by years end
I think you prediction is coming to light
some news?
I bought today @ 3.36 If you're a long runner, get in board, this stock only for marathon athletes, the future of this company is so bright and shiny with the polysilicon that's embedded on every PV application specifically the solar panels cells material and the semiconductors involved.
Wow GSM is pumping
from 1.77 to 2.76 (55% up) !! thats good!
Sorry guys, I was wrong about 1.2 was my target price. Not my target price is $10. We will see.
will you close today or hold?
Just hold it bro
As I see, a lot of speculative traders was entered today to Ferroglobe.
above 2.75$.....move to 8$ may be Faster
seems bullish on charts
EV ERA prepare yourselves for 10x your money ferroglobe has a huge potential
why yes and why not?
it will rise soon with EV era
any thoughts?
What do u expext the price will reach
negative EPS