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Gherasim Cezar Ioan ROMÂNIA
I've owned this for a while. Made small amount but it's been an underperformer. Took my money out pre-market and will reallocate to something with more upside.
Patience pays.
This will continue slow but steady.
At least they reverse split the stock so it doesn't look as bad as it actually is.
See!!! This is a real business!
🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞 lets go!!
Up 🚀
what a bunch of monkeys...books remains the same...
can anyone encounter a problem in selling GE. for me I am unable to sell.thanks in advance!
yes Im having the same issue. it's telling me that i don't own GE when I clearly do
Did u own shares/ options before reverse split? If you had less than 8shares or a odd number it automatically sold it. If you had options you have to sell them w/ adjusted option toggle buttom on.
i had them before the reverse split and I own 100 stocks. which are now shown as old value before the split :-/
GE is still GE. Reason for buying or selling has not changed.
Guys can any one give us advise about this movement from the firm should we keep our shares or sell it.
thank you sir appreciate your clarification and help. 🌹
Why not buy the real thing? Buy Siemens and SELL GE
Depends on your risk/ reward comfort level. Siemens is probably a good industrial stock to own, but I imagine alot of the near term upside potential is baked in. Ge is in the beginning phase of its massive turn around & has a lot of potential catalyst that can move the stock (either up or down) depending if they execute. I see more upside in Ge over Siemens, but Ge has more risk. Inflation could hurt both stocks b/c of material costs, but Ge said they have been able to pass cost on to customers (like airline companies, governments/ countries). If Larry Culp wasn't the CEO I would be in 3m. Culp was able to quadruple Danahers share price under his guidance & that company was in pretty bad shape.
Can any explain whats going on, I buy this F** shares by 12$ and now its 101 why its shown to me i am losing 😭
What your advise for these shares should i keep them or sell?
i sold mine when they annoced the split. This stunt is one of the worse for long term holders of this stock. Too bad as a lot of people had faith in this managment group but no more for some
honestly you should not invest in any company without taking the time at least checking the news every 3 month.... not a very promissing strategy
Rev split so big fund mgt will buy into it. They will NOT buy into stocks at 10-15$
sell sell sell. none wants Have at $100 and naturally will wait till it's around $30-50 range which feels more reasonable for this company.
Do ur research, u are wrong
People who think this, do not understand market cap and outstanding shares... Read more about how stocks are valued..
Can somone explain what is going on How does it affect my holdingsIf i had 80 sheres i have now 10 but it shows 500%+ gain is it true?
Simple math
2021.08.02 Average cost $99. No of shares 750
Option calls ... cant understand . Showing bug loss now after reverse split
mine is reversed. No of share still the same but price per share increased 8 fold. overnight become millionaire. Ha Ha
What hapened
800@13=10400; 100@103=10300
LOl 4 thumbs down for basic math!
Will it affect the option contract? I have 10 contract buy call @ $10. After stock spilt my buy call will be @$80 my contract will be less than one (1/8=0.125)?
I'm pretty sure the .5 will be added into the strike so it might be something like $90.5 strike so there aren't fractional shares. Either case the value is the same. look on your trading platform for how they handle selling or assignment of reverse stock split options b/c you might have to call inorder to close it out.
I have a saddle (call &put) incase the reverse split turns out bad. Hopefully, your calls are long dated b/c for the handful of companies where reverse stock splits actually helped the stock it took 6-12months for it to double after the split took effect & they didn't have anywhere near GE's revenue.I think GE will be one of those companies especially after it released pretty good earnings. If they can hit $5billion+ of FCF by yr end the stock will get bought up.
Thank you very much for your explanation. Appreciate it. 👍🙏
Will it affect the option contract? I have 10 contract buy call @ $10. After stock spilt my buy call will be @$80 my contract will be less than one (1/8=0.125)?
GE is getting back on its feet. Those of us who held, will be vindicated.
New 52 week high this