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I'm surprised too. I will not be shocked if it picks up tomorrow.
What a great surprise this morning.  Anyone know the news on this?
Bought more at the dip?  I hope it is just a dip.
what do you think ?
im sorry that i didnt warren u but this stock is worthless. it goes up once every few month only to crash lower then where it ever been. if u see it make all time low and then u still have to wait two months untill it really bottoms maybe then u can find some luck on the way up. just dont waste ur time with it.
https://eu.app.com/story/news/local/new-jersey/marijuana/2021/02/22/nj-marjuana-legalization-legal ****phil-murphy-sweeney/4535041001/
any comments ?
Bought at $3.05.  How high can it go??
too the moon!!
The market cap is much lower than sndl. Huge potential of upside.
✨🙌Solid Gains🙌✨
Loking goog 🔥🔥🔥🔥
looking good?
is this Stock good to get in still?
any thoughts i was planning to buy at 1.33 hoping i may recoup later?
It is safe to invest in this stock.
FSD is a c.r.a..p shoot, Maybe you get  lucky
short short short short
and then go long HCAT. Great undiscovered company recommended by top wall street firms Like Piper Sandler target $50 and Goldman Sachs target $44.
Yes. I'll take a shot S&P short. Performed like I thought, UNDER PERFORMED this week
I think if people really understood how ultra-micro Palmitoylthanolamide *****PEA) will change the Rx industry acting as an adjunct to so many existing drugs, they would understand the value in FSD and why they bought Prismic Pharma.
Why the stock is soaring?
100 pennies
stock will be over 100 in a few months the promoters of this stock are back in buisness big time once again
even at over 100 it's still not recovered from where it was this time last year before the conversion.
it would have to be over $200
Major dumpster fire. Even after the reverse split they're going back down to pennies.
big mistake , switching to the american stock exchange
at 2 cents how much more damage can the stock sustain if it goes Nasdaq
201-1 conversation *
at the 200-1 conversion at 5 cents a share previously shouldn't huge it have gone to $10? how can it cap out at 9.25 where's the the extra bit gone to? the conversion has to equal out does it not?
They just did a 200-1 conversion. from 12k shares to 60. thanks for nothing fsd. Going to have to look into the legalities of these recent actions, and why exactly they're taking place. Probably a class action on the horizon. Anyone buying this needs to think and do some real DD.
201-1 conversation *