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Who buy this? 100% manipulations by owner.
Yes. Where can I short this stock.
 Unfortunately there is no way to short this. Very small public float, post Hindenberg even smaller since the owner bought back a lot of the shares that the institutions sold. Puts have very little volume, you will get wrecked due to delta decay.
Sell call options
$5B company? Have you seen their websites full of f Ake nominations tex «Great place to work»
You could short this for massive gains @85.
Mcap 5.22B😲Must be the most overvalued broker in the world
87.48+ 25% Seems like Hindenburgs short was squeezed.
pocket outfit. shareholders will influence supply/demand as they see fit.
Key indicators of yesterday's report (10.02.21): 1) For the three months ended December 31, 2020 and 2019, the Holding's revenue was $ 100.2 million and $ 29.6 million, respectively. An increase of $ 70.7 million, or 239%, was mainly due to an increase in fee and commission income for the third quarter by 261%, or $ 53.8 million, from $ 20.6 million to $ 74.3 million, as well as due to growth profit on trading securities by 194%, or $ 12.5 million, from $ 6.4 million to $ 18.9 million. 2) The Holding's expenses increased by $ 24.6 million, or 96% 3) Three months ended December 31, 2020 and 2019: a) the net profit of the Holding amounted to $ 42.3 million and $ 4.1 million, respectively; b) earnings per share of the Holding, calculated on the basis of a weighted average number of shares of 58 million shares, amounted to $ 0.72 and $ 0.07, respectively; c) other comprehensive income was $ 49.2 million and $ 7.9 million, respectively.
Any tips for bull?
Reporting by Freedom Holding Corp. for 3Q of fiscal year 2021 (ending December 31, 2020): - revenue of $ 100.2 million, up 239% year-on-year - fee and commission income $ 74.3 million, up 261% yoy - net profit of $ 42.3 million, an increase of more than 10 times
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