Fortuna Silver Mines Inc (FVI)

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The financial is wrong on this site. A retraction is expected
This is way below market should be 4.80
This shiff stock suck is not even moving with gold prices anymore xD
This stock is mainly moved by gold prices lately when people get into it it would be so much higher 🤑
Why the drop today?
aaaaaaaaaaand we're back in business.😀
lucky the mex government led people get this cheap before silver takes off
Why the huge drop Mike?
mex government is crazy :/
Building a new position here now
Something is going on here
Buy it here now!!!
Its Much lower now !
there is a german, swiss and Russia pM analyst that all say the fed brings 1%. The miners are say 1/2 via pattern. And then there is the data tomorrow. That’s supposed to be great for silver. Hmm. I’m reducing positions
Looking to get out doesn't look like this one is going anywhere
and earnings missed. where do you get your info?
loaded up I believe earnings will be very good should see $5 very soon
need a good earning to prove to investors they are able to make profits I believe they will I keep buying
Why did this sell off today when others shot up 5_6%? Help required
5 dollars would still be cheap and 20% upside from here
bought more yesterday
keep buying earnings should be a nice beat
buy with both hands
why premarket so bad for fsm?
Big up today. 17.5%. Almost anyone holding this is behind.
And sold after 1 day @$3.32 per share
Bought this for scalping…$3.26 average per share,2173 share
gold up, silver up, fsm down after hard weeks. where is logic?)
Nearly at 15-year low.