Fortuna Silver Mines Inc (FVI)

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Good bye kiss to 8.00 support, which has been previously resistance.
Nice move guys. Buy any dips. Got one more buy left. Im into this for some pile. Go baby go
Gigantic break out looming. This stock has a good chance to go to 50 by spring.
I sold about twoweeks ago but now im increasing my position
Nice posts. I am very long now too
Three white knights on the daily and a massive bullish engulfing on the weekly are extreme bullish signs. This stock can go up five to tenfold over the next six months.
Huge break out looming as soon as resistance at 8 is knocked out.
Fortuna coiling up for a big outburst. The Fed cannot allow interest rates to rise as this would burst the tech/cryto bubble thus driving real rates down. This will benefit Fortuna.
Fortuna is a multi product producer generating cash from gold, silver, zinc and lead. Can produce 100 lbs of zinc and lead. This alone can contribute over 300 mill revenue. In addition it has two mothballed silver mines in Mexico. When prices are higher, this company is going to escalate higher.
corr 100 mil lbs pounds...
All time high is 9.75. If this is reached the sky is the limit.
Fortuna is finally reaping the benefits of massive investments. Revenue is likely to triple and profits should go up tenfold. In my view this is the hottest stock.
I am expecting a big down week
This is down 25%. If you look at companies in both gold and silver, this is over priced. Like kinross. Down 31.5%. Thats the average down of PM companies in gold and silver. Have a look around people
Not much chat here for a stock about to rise to a double? What are ya all doing?
Lots of up now. Maybe 5 days strait.
what do y'all think about this one?
Two weeks of down coming
Must fill the gap. Its going down to fill
this will rise to atleast 10 easy. Silver/Gold demand pushing miner business demand💯🔥
it's time 🚀
the short sellers are real here today, will bust higher soon though
bullish new highs
got a LOT further to go. It was at 10$ in 2016 with lower gold and silver prices!!
Bought and very happy. Preparing for commodities super-cycle :)
Probably better to buy this than actual silver lol
Every silver bull has to have this stock in their portfolio.