Ford Motor Company (F)

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  • Day's Range:
    12.63 - 12.90
  • 52 wk Range:
    12.15 - 25.87

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  • Look guys, I'm a fan of Ford, but don't get caught up in this 20% pump. If Ford was valued at what GM, Toyota, and Honda were the share price would be $15 assuming they beat earnings. That's a huge drop. Not to mention they are a cyclical play, as credit tightens and the economy slows, cyclicals get smoked - Everytime. Honda is the cheapest value car manufacturer play out there right now. Just points to consider.
    • They also came into December with 247,000 Vehicles in stock at dealerships. So there are vehicles out there to be sold yet.
    • All I'm saying is it pays to dig a bit deeper rather then just chase stocks. A true investor would have bought Ford at $10-12 a share. Did you?
    • earnings will be bad they are in trouble because chip shortages and supply constraints , tesla is only winner because they can choose different chips for their cars because they write the code in house. Ford doesnt do that..