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7 bucks
Double bottoms
Very extremely oversold at hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. What’s next?
The company needs less ideology and more reality, a big mistake with electrification, this is the time for cheap cars, the majority do not need an expensive electric car. Take the wokism out of the company and you will do better.
it's just business. They see tesla's sales and want a piece of the action. I don't see a social engineering agenda
Well said, and time for Farleys passion project losing idea to be junked and him possibly booted, if his pay was by stock performance he would owe money, lots of money…..$36000 loss per vehicle is not in the shareholders best interest, trying to be Elon doesnt mean you can be Elon, electric vehicles have already all been bought by the people that are going to buy them already…….it wont grow the way they project. Focus on what you do best and make it better
Congratulation shareholders u r going to pay the salary increase thank u ford
You can't not give a workforce raises, genius.
Ford needs to issue new shares to cover the massive incomes they decided to pay their employees.
A new CEO is needed.
$8.00 is final call 100%
Dream buy op
Extremely risky during this time.
Wait for it to be a dividend cut early in Quarter 2 next year.
Be careful it will be around $7 or 5 .
Ford is done it's going back to $6 bucks.
strike ending
Ford will be $11:00
Really soon
It will be $7.00
this aged really well - lol
I have 100 stocks. What I should do
100 ain't shit... buy more... put contracts expire tomorrow... might be the day to get in 2-3 times more?
under 11.50 is always a good buy, above 12 is always a good sell
$7.00 coming soon get ready may be
during strike hurts earning after strike if uaw wins hurts earnings more
Trading idea - Entry point > 12.8/61.80%
Lock em out! Hire new workers as an ipen shop!!
Eat shit
Strike and tank their stock price!
Give the workers back cost of living adjustments that you took from them 16 years ago and promised to restore when the company was profitable again!
the demands are nonsense
some are. Many aren't
I have 100 stocks. Should i sell or hold
Ford at $25 soon, only true American auto company left.
The Big 3 are about ready to go on strike this month. I would be a Ford seller right here. Take profits going back down to test 6 bucks.