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what's everybody's price target
Great comeback. Now only up until End of winter. Let s go AG
Amazing leverage lol 😆this stock is an utter joke.
Lol 😆🤣 joke of the year this stock, silver flat and this cp is down 2% lol
Get ready for takeoff…
silver is getting hammered and this stock is actually in the green
are they trying to flush people out?
I guess the earnings miss wasn't that big of a deal
What a joke with this stock, If silver goes down to 18 are we looking at $0.01 per share lol
it's probably oversold at this point
There are better options than this stock for silver, I got out a short while ago.
Why didn't you tell us all this yesterday lol
Silver near its 6 months high and AG near 2 year lows , f joke
Agreed. I'm looking for the next rally to get out.
markets way up. silver way up. ag flat
Give it time, shaking out weak hands i keep buying i have 3,500 shares now
F joke. If silver had a 20% up move I'm sure they would find a way to make sure this stock to be negative or flat, if this carries on I'm selling and just buy silver more upside less downside. This stock is only leverage to the downside
Shouldnt this be sitting around $14 right now?
can somebody explain to me how it is the second I sell not only does this skyrocket but all miners and metal skyrocket and the second I buy the entire metals market sells off. I understand it's all computers that do it but how if I'm such a small player?.
I guess there are like 7 people that own this stock and one of them has a trillion dollars
what's everybody's average price?
$7-8 by november
it's just funny the day after I sold this shoots up to my average price
fsm chart looks exactly the same
never mind a lot of the miners look the same
Wow What a move
it's because I sold. I really believe this is a scam.
well I got flushed out yesterday of course. they knew where I was in the trade hahaha that's the only explanation. so you're welcome for this everybody!
I'm surprised Jim Cramer isn't touting this stock