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After hours lol, markets are a f joke can't take them seriously
floor at 5?
always up after hours. I honestly wonder if big money is rotating in at a discount.
won't happen unless it decouples from regular equities
4 handle incoming
-16% for the month. not bad.
I will keep buying even if it crashes, currently long a total of 2,252 shares
Silver could be up 200% and this stock will probably be negative. Never again will I invest in miners its more profitable to just buy silver with less downside and by the looks greater upside
cover the shorts a hole
Price action does not make any sense…
bro it's like this stock has nothing to do with silver AT ALL.
You can't make this ST UP, these are not traders moving the price lower they are manipulate backers wkrs
Long 1800 shares at $5.20
good price
Soon AG will have more cash in the bank then the market cap of the company, just the assets are worth more then the market cap as is
first majestic would have been down no matter what. this stock goes way down way down
always green after hours
The only reason we buy silver producer's is the leverage to silver, I honestly think its more profitable to buy the actual metal more upside and less downside
Patients, undervalued stock, short interest as of 8/31/2023 17,700,000 shares $108.59 million, about 4 days trading volume to cover. $6.12 price when statistics were acquired
I mean... ya.... but ag kinda does its own thing
Silver up over 1% and AG struggling to keep up what a joke, I bet if silver lost all today's gains and finished flat AG would tank by 4% utter manipulation
my sentiments exactly. I was just thinking the same thing
who's manipulating?
let's go cover those shorts
squeeze this reddit
crypto has nothing on this price action
absolutely hysterical.
Utter manipulation no other asset trades like this
only downward pressure