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  • To be fair the stock has had large (lazy) short positions for many months and the US DoD deal is not new news. Also, the sceince of  monoclonal antibodies is still not proven. That said, as a pipeline of royalties begin to come through adding to top lines my outlook remains  €50 target in 3 years.
    • lol railing Melvin Capital left and right
      • Doesnt have anything to do with that here but rather the us military filing in a huge order at evotec for anti bodies against covid (over the next 7 years)
    • The valuation is very much a "sum of the parts" not a not a future valuation. The potentials from a series of bolt on company purchases and ongoing strategic alliances will see a valuation of €10Bn within the next 5 years. What is not priced in to the current valuation is the vision of the management  and shear quality of the science.. . Volatility is an issue so hold on to your hat !!. . Still not convinced ? Where else could you have got 50%+ return on stocks for the past three years ??