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Over 9.2 euros until 22 decembrie, without panic, look at trading volumes,, they are big , the trebuie is upword, all the aviation of America growing ,demand is increasing,so the action will încrease,paciente and the action will bring grouth
only if it can break 8.6/8.8 area..
Sellers were serious at 8.6. What was your entry?
I was wrong 25 cents both on entry and exit
i think it will retest the 8.6 zone soon, if fails I am out as well
Modified the sell order for 8.56 from 8.8.
November 1. earnings!
I'm also long, plan to sell at 8.8 I appreciate your patience, but the market is traders market. Can be 12 in 2 years, but until it will hit 5-6 couple times.
I expect 16 eur in a few years
not 1. but 2. november
Not looking good. 6.3-6.4 is next support, i guess it reverses at 6.28. If not, 5.4-5.7 in the cards.
Closed in green. Only Airfrance-KLM closed in red today among europeam airlines.
Possible with negative catalysts. Can bounce on earnings.
look at DAL report..the same I expect from LHA
with oil prices goind up 4% a day, and an ongoing war, DAL lost the positive earnings gains in seconds.
sorry, oil up 5% now, not 4
Bine! I still wait for 6.8
,good job
earnings in 2 weeks can bring it down more. Oil prices can shoot over 100 because of spr refill. Covid low was under 5? Interest rates were lower then and LHAG is verschuldet.
because îs oversold ...a rebound must come
Rates in eur are high, Lufthansa is deep in debt. I will enter at 6.8 for a gamble.
earnings expectations over 1 bil... not seen in 4 years. But if it's succeed, can pop on good earnings on 1. nov, if it breaks 7 in october, i'll buy. If not, i'll watch for earnings reaction.
It fell to 6.8, i become bullish. Because i'm bullish, i bought some. Because i bought some, i'm bullish.
anyone knows why this drop?
long now
why any announced reason?
there were 2 main supports around 7 from my point of view
Best long term investments.
Forget long term investments in this market. Long term is 3 days now.
This stock price managed by algo I think. There is no another explanation of why share price is so low. Look at the revenue and profit, excellent. Guidelenes, future growth is also good. Just amazing.
Oil prices are at ytd high. Alltough airline companies heding against it, the costs increasing anyway. Covid worries affecting somewhat the expectations, however the general weakening in the economy is more important. Dax is relatively high, a marketwide correction can affect all stocks without bad news. 7.7 is possible this fall-winter.
No need to wait until fall-winter
6.8 in the cards now
kind of feels like push down, trigger stop loss for small investors and after earnings results whales sweep the stock, target 9.6 euro or.more
It looks that the stock is technically kept down . I am sure that financials will be spectacular next Wednesday
There is big position of short sellers . There ll b short Squiz of the positions.
Im from asia... is anyone here from germany explain how LHA company
I for one, will never ever fly with LHA or any of its sister companies ever again. You really have to be some special kind of masochistic paypig to enjoy being a customer there.
LHA is a decent operator. I would be rather suspicious to the business model of Ryanair. My opinion.
Its strange the behaviour of the stock . why the downward trend?
Maybe its the market maker's game?
Seems like someone's manipulation. Fortunately, it is not a commodity and the manipulation of big players has limits as this stock has a real value.
What's wrong with this stock?
It is really strange. I see no reason for this recent down trend.
ICAG is ablut to take off as London Barcelona flights prices had major increas among all flights
linear growth start to take exponential shape...
Oh yea baby. Keep flying.
linear growth start to take exponential shape...
up or dawn
How long i've been helding this, amd only made losses, now it's skyrocketing.
Going price target 15 € in 2 years
what is your target prices?
MY target is 20 in 2 years.
nice, mine too...
Will go up during holiday season!