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dbx = definition of trash!
Garbage stock dbx, go down to 10$
to zero!
Losing market share... RIP Dropbox
to who?
Buy DBX on 15 NOV, share its gone UP 40 % to 38$
still waiting
me too
me too
this makes no sense :
Buy Nov 26 $30 calls and drop those profits in the Dropbox 🤑
Buy Nov 26 $30 calls and drop those profits in the Dropbox 🤑
whatever the reason is, my shorts are printing some nice tendies 😎
DBX, go down 15% todagers arter reales be carefull guyes
DBX its going 🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨💯💯💯💯
DBX its going some rocket today
This stock is holding strong no matter what. Once it's recognized it will push up fast
Be ready to take off once we brake $33 range
I think we will be at all time highs today 🚀
meant 52 week high and was right, but ATH is not far either, need to brake $30-33 range
management is selling the stock
Cash flow companies are gonna do well in a high interest rate env
Good News from dropbox
DBX $24.53 -1.33% @ Close! (Earnings)
you are special if you closed your dbx position
They will smash the upcoming earnings IMHO
$26 Go
60 USD at the end of 2021. Stay tuned! Mark this.
DBX, next stopp at 22 USD
220? did you forget a 0?
I would be very happy, so I can load up more ;) after that there is not other way, just uppp
90 $$$$ end of the year
Don't get too excited. Be more conservative
The next goal is to break through $32-33 mark
The beast is finally awake. Congrats, shareholders 🍻
Solid breakout from 2018 levels
Finallllllly ;)
I really should have been more patient lol.